Tour of Fairbanks

Participated in the Tour of Fairbanks last weekend entering two of the five stages. The Prologue Hill Climb up the Parks Highway for six miles was held under pouring rain and I clocked 34 minutes on 4% grade.  Then I succeeded in my goal of averaging 20mph over 20 miles for the first time on a rolly Steese Highway Time […]

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Damalanche Collapse Video

Transitioning to a summer full of human-powered activities from road cycling to triathlons, day hikes and backbacking in Alaska.  This weekend has 5 Valdez women, including Tabitha, in the Gold Nugget Triathlon in Anchorage and I’ll have a report up on Sunday.  Good luck gals! Fortunate enough today to capture some pretty dramatic video after I climbed the hillside to […]

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I avoid politics on my Home Page like the plague. But not today. Not today of all days. I’m not sure if anyone gets it. I drive through Thompson Pass and check out dozens of mechanized skiers who are burning fuel as if there had never been an oil spill that devastated this region. Back then global warming wasn’t even […]

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