Power To The People

The proposal to relocate a section of the power line through Thompson Pass has not drawn much of my attention this summer. Others, though, are not standing by idly. Area citizens are concerned about an application by Copper Valley Electric Association (CVEA) to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) presenting various proposals to move some of the towering earth-toned […]

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The Heli-shoe Guide

by Matt Kinney Funny how outdoor gear selections evolve. I might see a revolutionary new ski leaning on a car at a trailhead and from that point on, I must have it. Selecting shoes for everyday use, however, is an entirely different matter. Call them running, trail, jogging or tennis shoes if you like—they’re all the same to me. We […]

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Mt. Shouplina Climbing Expedition – 1985 (Part Two)

Bob Shelton continues his two-part series below which includes the treacherous descent from Pleasant Col to the Valdez Glacier. Mt. Shouplina was considered unapproachable from the north, thus had not seen any attempts and frustrated many trying to solve the route. There had been some pioneering the area in the 1960’s by Alaskan climber Vin Hoeman who is credited with […]

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