Guide Book Update Feb 7, 2018

Guide Book Update Alaska Backcountry Skiing – Valdez and Thompson Pass. It’s complicated. I have the book scanned and in neat order. I am working on a way to deliver the rather large file. It’s 120 pages at 31GB. The scans are sharp, allowing a skinner or splitter to zoom high quality topos for each routes and of course the […]

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Guide Book Update…

Been getting quite a bit of interest in the guidebook. Unfortunately due to converting formats from old to new some issues have developed. I don’t think I can provide a quality product regarding Alaska Backcountry Skiing: Valdez and Thompson Pass at this time or this season. What I am able to do though is provide a scanned copy of the […]

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The Snowy Torrents (2017 ) – Book Review and Perspectives

The Snowy Torrents – Avalanche Accidents in the United States 1996-2004 by Knox Williams and Spencer Logan might not make the New York Times Best Seller List, but it is still a priceless, technical compilation of avalanche incidents to add to the backcountry skier’s reading list. Despite the delays of publishing and distributing this large project, I’m glad the authors […]

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