Guide Book Availability

My guidebooks are almost all gone. I will still accept a limited number of direct orders and then the book will not be available.  I could not be happier that all the copies are almost sold out. That was my objective when I published the book. The good news is that the guide book is being reformatted as an e-book […]

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Snowy Decembers – Statistics


A quick glance at Decembers back to 1964 indicates Valdez can get a heck of a lot of snow. Seven Decembers have dumped over 100″ on our mountain town. It can be downright brutal at times as the coldest temps of the year, heavy snows, hurricane force winds, and even drenching rains are in the range of the possibilities. Cold […]

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Glacier Gorp


Gorp can stimulate the most interesting encounters in the mountains. When others offer their gorp, it’s usually out of friendship or because you look like you could use some food. Everyone carries gorp. If one is bold enough they reach into that bag of pleasure (or bacteria) and throw a handful of good calories into the body. Back-country skiers burn […]

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