Tour of Fairbanks


Participated in the Tour of Fairbanks last weekend entering two of the five stages. The Prologue Hill Climb up the Parks Highway for six miles was held under pouring rain and I clocked 34 minutes on 4% grade.  Then I succeeded in my goal of averaging 20mph over 20 miles for the first time on a rolly Steese Highway Time Trial course in the Masters Division(40+).  The race had some other events that I avoided due to little experience “gang” riding.  Next up in about month is the Port McKenzie TT and possibly the FireWeed 50-MIle TT.  Below is short video of some of the racing action I was able to catch.  See you on the road!

Good turn-out for the Bite Back 5K a few weeks ago with nearly 90 runners.  This weekend is the Shoup Bay Trail Run.  Good to see so many burning calories, not oil.