Valdez Ski and Avalanche Report March 23, 2016 1800 AKT

SKI-Solo toured from DOT to Loveland Breaks under the Ridge.. Thigh went to knee at noon with my boot penetration indicative of settled storm snow based on my last report.. Density layer at the surface is healing which has resulted in FAIR skiing in the Thompson Pass Corridor.. Variable conditions exist, some breakable, some not.. Bring your Whippets.. Colder over night […]

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Valdez Ski Report March 1, 2016 – Big Odessey (Video)

Tele posse Tuesday had knees dropping all the way down and an extra lap up high after summiting Big Odessey via Schoolbus.  Excellent skiing. Good stability with little sluffing as the snowpack continues to settle sweetly. Weather still looks excellent through the week. Some gusty northerlies develop on Wednesday-Thursday. Here’s a video. This pics are from Sam Shirk. Enjoy. [vimeo][/vimeo]

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