Valdez Ski Report- Alpine, Telemarks and Mono-marks(Video)

One of joys and advantages with free-heel bindings is telemark skiing Thompson Pass powder. As skis have got fatter, alpine turns have been worked in to my skiing and so I like to mix it up.

The “mono-mark” is a type of telemark turn that uses only one ski in the lead to make the turn. By gently rocking the tip back and forth you can actually have some fun. It’s not for steep terrain at all, but on low angle exits with the right snow your can do noodly turns or open it up with GS type arcs. It’s kinda like snowboarding.

Today I wore my head-cam on a solo tour to the summit of Little Odessey finding 6″ of settling powder over hard, packed old snow. I rarely if ever use my GO-PRO in winter, but today was a day where it was worth the fiddling. Enjoy and the mono-marks are on the last set of turns.