Valdez Ski Report – April 8, 2015 – 1800AKT

Another cloudy day today with snow squalls on satellite Thursday followed by general drying out to partly cloudy for the weekend. Some cooler temperatures to the lower teens in the Pass at night.

New snows to 10″ settling above 3000′ which has fallen over the past few day and  should set up some real nice ski conditions throughout the Valdez Chugach.  Avalanche conditions will be highest on south slopes exposed to sun and some general D1Type sloughing off rocks and such.  Other aspects, elevations and terrain features should be approached cautiously as new April snows generally are wet and can sweep down small gullies and ravines around steeper terrain.  All this depends of course on day time temps over the next few days and field reports from other testers.

Good to finally see the DOT weather site operating fully for the first time in two years.  Also the Mile 46 DOT camera is up/