Valdez Ski Report April 28, 2015

A few days of wet snow left about 6″ settling rapidly today with brisk north winds building early and peaks flagging. Skinned up to Moonlight Basin from the Hairpin and found mixed and springlike snow with pockets of knee deep facets on the lower…lowers.  Witnessed both wind driven slabs avalanches occurring as the wind increased today and sun effect releases on all but northerly aspects as the day progressed, mostly very small.  A few climax slides occurred today off Mile High Mt. above Valdez today.  Avalanche concerns things should settle down quickly. The only of concern is high south aspects where wind slabs were formed and there was some cross loading on north of The Gap. Forecast has winds dying, and a series of lows bouncing along the coast the next few days bringing occasional snow shower and sunspots to upper elevations, which may create flat light issues.

Alex Banas(CO) along today for his first ski day in Alaska and the picture of the day.