Snowcast Says Snow

The GFS model has been spot on since last Saturday with a snow event developing Thursday through Saturday. It looks like all snow at all elevations. Current model calls for 3.33 WE where it snows, which, above 2000′ will be considerable. Snow will pile up in Valdez. The peak snowfall rates will be Friday am followed by snow squalls and temps rising to near freezing. Sunday should reveal a sugar-coated high Chugach and some crusty snow at sea level. Ridging and fair weather follows into mid-week.

Avalanche concerns will be minimal during this potentially heavy snow event as there is no real snowpack available as a bed surface. Snow should settle nicely as temps warm slowly above 2000′  Winds moderate from the SSW as the storm tapers which will produce some slabbing in exposed terrain and sensitive, yet immature cornices. Either way be careful out there, its early season conditions and shallow snowpacks will exist despite the new snow. It’s usually beat up bodies or rock-ripped p-tex if you don’t.