Glacier Gorp

Gorp can stimulate the most interesting encounters in the mountains. When others offer their gorp, it’s usually out of friendship or because you look like you could use some food. Everyone carries gorp. If one is bold enough they reach into that bag of pleasure (or bacteria) and throw a handful of good calories into the body. Back-country skiers burn […]

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Ski Rigs Will Roll

It’s been a complicated progression of vehicles to get to trailheads in search of powder. I arrived in Valdez cruising over Thompson Pass in a 1975 Ford Galaxy 500 sedan. And, as I write this story, I can’t help but chuckle at the fact that it was white! Since that time, I have been through a Ford Bronco, Mazda, Ford […]

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Valdez Snow Forecast 2016/17

I hit the nail on the head last season so I might as well try again, but I’m hoping I’m wrong. With the last three winters producing unusually low snow totals at sea level around Valdez, that is enough recent anomalies to create a pattern. But before I dabble on here’s a picture of Shoup Glacier in 1981. That is […]

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