Worthington Glacier – Mountain Biking

It’s been a different type of biking this summer for me as I am taking a break from my road bike and time trials that have dominated my last few summers.  My mountain bike has been regulated to local transportation during the winter and summer, with occasional rides around town in places like Mineral Creek.

TPBike2Last week I rode all over the tundra of Thompson Pass along the crest trail to under Loveland ridge quickly realized that mountain biking around the Pass has a lot to offer.   Though most rides are not very long, a couple hours doing loops on different section of the pipeline road are actually challenging with steep ups and down. Along the road one can boondocks across the tundra and enjoy vast views.

Yesterday, along with local legend Brian Teal, we set off to explore Worthingon Glacier State Park. We were pleasantly surprised on how nice the area is for short, challenging rides.

WGBike1   We parked at the entrance to the park along the highway and rode up the pavement to the visitor kiosk and then down the paved walkways. From there we quickly darted around the lake hoping to find a way to Postman Canyon by circling the lake along the narrow shoreline. Eventually brush cut us off as we waded, pushing our bikes in hopes of finding some decent terrain.


Once warmed up we made a phenomenal ride up to the toe of the Worthington Glacier, passing strolling tourist on the foot paths that weave up the moraine to the rotting glacier.

It’s not easy. We had to dismount a few times and shove our bikes over small impediments.  The descent down was challenging, angling along small rock crevasses and small boulders.  Because of these reasons we did it twice.


This is actually a good ride and worth anyones effort for a few hours. One can link this ride up with touring along the pipeline to the south for miles consisting of some thigh burning ascents on some steep grades.




As summer wanes into fall, Thompson Pass continues to offer vast recreational opportunities to get the legs and heart in shape for the upcoming ski season in the Chugach.