Valdezeans Shine At Fireweed


Eric Auten bounced back from his accident a few weeks ago and along with Dan Heckathorn spun to a second place finish in the 2-Man 200 Mile Time Trial from Sheep Mt. Lodge to Valdez in 11h20m   The team that came in first place set the course record for that category with an amazing time of  8h31m.

Another 4 person team with three Valdez women came in 14th in the team relay to Valdez, Bonnie Cudnohofsky, Cecelia Sanchez and  Carol Simmons finished in 14h50.

Also, Kristi Cranor was the first one across the finish line in the Women’s 100-Mile Ride.

Nearly 600 cyclist entered the annual event.

….In other sports news, Kudo’s to Bob Smith for his 3rd place finish in the 60-65 age group in the Ironman Triathlon in Coure’d Lane, ID a few weeks ago. Amazing Bob!

….I skipped the Fireweed 50TT this year and instead with be doing the Port MacKenzie 20K TT this Saturday. Stay spinning!