Valdez Ski Report – March 8, 2015 (KidZ on SkinZ Video) and Avalanche Warning

SKI – Wonderful day in Moonlight Basin for many, including the two Valdez family’s who invited me along with their freewheeling 8-year old boys.  Damp new powder to 12″ covered all aspects and elevations with new snow

See Video below….

A HIGH AVALANCHE WARNING exist tonight on the onset of outflow winds from the north and rapidly decreasing temps.  There’s plenty of dry snow at higher elevations to expect stability on south aspects to decrease rapidly beginning Monday am. Also East and West aspects will crossload along the road corridor north of Thompson Pass to the Upper Girls Mt zones and further past Nicks above brush line.  The high hazard will remain for the first 24 hours after the onset of outflow winds and then decrease to Considerable on all but north aspects for the duration of the wind event.

WEATHER – Wind event likely beginning Monday am through Friday AM. 0F temps in Thompson Pass. Not sure how hard it will blow and models, forecasters are not forecasting advisory level winds, but Gap gust to 60-70 are likely. Wind Chill advisory of course so dress well.

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