Valdez Ski Report – March 30, 2015 1800AKT

Skiing remains good across most aspects and elevation with a little snow last night to freshen things up a bit.  Continued mild weather through the week with occasional squalls on south aspects and good sun spots in between. Watch for solar rollers on southerly aspects as the sun warm at times more so after 1pm.

I am always accepting nominations for Rotorhead of the Year. Last year’s winner was submitted by a visiting a skier along with 5 others.  Most you skinners know exactly what I’m talking about so be sure to document the event and I will protect your anonymity. This is all about ethical, safe behavior by commercial heliski companies in regards to backcoutry skiers and the general public. I really like some good pics, vids are best and then get back to your ski day. My nominations post will continue in typical “John Stewart” fashion.

Solo day in Thompson Pass. North Shoulder- Little Odessey