Valdez Ski Report – Gulley Two (Video)

Out with more visitors today and headed up Gulley Two. One of the skiers was Mary from Utah who is now an official member of “ELEVATION 55 based in Valdez, made up of those older than 55yoa who pursue the human-powered effort a few times a week, whether in the mountains, gym or the weight room,… to keep healthy and happy. No slackers! I have stickers if you qualify. We are totally non-profit and un-organized and will probably remain so.

Skiing was excellent and stable on our northerly aspect at all angles on the route today and also by other skinners the past few days. Very nice touring the past week everywhere!

BTW Kudo’s to the local two City of Valdez Firemen who did the ramp on Mt. Francis during the past few week.

Weather will change tomorrow with clouds, moisture and warmer temps progressing towards snowshowers by Saturday night through Sunday. Models are showing strong southeasterly winds to 50mph at higher elevation associated with this snow event by Sunday am, thus a CONSIDERABLE avalanche danger may develop Sunday-Monday on mainly NW aspects.  Our stiff large cornices may take snow loads enough to tip the balance on that feature.  Snow projections indicate upwards of 12″ new snow at higher elevations of the Chugach with snow changing to a  snow/rain mix around sea level by Sunday-Monday.

And a picture..