Valdez Ski Report February 6, 2016 – Gulley One

First time up Gulley One this season and it’s deep with good skiing if lighting allows. I went to the small bump beneath the glacier. See pic below.

-Weather future looks rather mundane over the next week with weak lows staying to the south due to persistent, yet light northerly flow over the high Valdez Chugach leaving us only chances for snow. Sun is higher, days longer thus sunspots more likely over Valdez, but better towards the Pass and beyond.

-The other pic is also from today…..Ice-Climbers Cometh. Big festival this week as the 80’s tradition continues with the Valdez Ice-climbing Festival.  (Hint:Bring your skis and skins also!)

-I’ve also included a neat ski video.  A skier with a string, an iPhone and powder shows some creativity.

-This is one of the better incident reports about a sled-assisted skiing incident that resulted in one fatality. The event happened earlier this month and the Final Report was issued on the 4th by the good folks at the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.  Ruby Peak Incident Report