Valdez Ski Report -BD Jet Force Avalanche AirBag/Moonlight Basin – January 6, 2016

A shadow points to today’s problem. Scary stable?


Some gusty winds last night lightly slabbed most front range surfaces resulting in fair skiing. Skied up to Goodwills quite aways and then worked my way back down carefully over grabby snow and such. Good thing? Clear/Calm/17F. Could almost see Canada. Saw one other soloist. North of the Pass was cold to 5F with light winds.

Got enough days carrying the Black Diamond Jet Force 28 sized pack and it seems  adequate for my day trip loads, but I have not been carrying my helmet to simplify things as I get used to the pack. If you want to carry ski mountaineering gear, then this pack is too small for you. (There is a mesh to carry the helmet on the outside.) The advanced BD frame is real nice. Got thrown around, but not down, skiing today and I think the frame system is very noticeable in riding comfort with little if any “swing”. It’s different. Worth checking out if your considering an airbag. The balloon gizmo gets a lot of attention, but the frame is a great innovation in regards to a ski pack.