Valdez Ski and Avalanche Report – January 15, 2015 (1600AKT)

SKi- EXCELLENT powder skiing on most aspects and elevations in Thompson Pass.  With excellent light I was able to get some good shots (SEE BELOW) of today’s tour in Moonlight Basin.  JP caught up with me and we definitely got in the goods. Enjoy the weekend!

AVALANCHE – Overall stability in Thompson Pass is GOOD and should remain so through the weekend.  Old storm snow at the surface continues to cure to a nice creamy texture due to a settled upper snowpack, that is light snow on top, with more density and no layers as the snow deepens under your skis to pole length. Some exposed areas have confused surfaces mainly from wind.  Encountered the only “natural as it was occurring” within miles. (see pic below). Sluff are running slow, so manageable in steeper terrain parks.

Our high quality, mountain snowpack above 2500″ is due to the lack of any major wind event this winter.  The lack of wind erosion has allowed a 240cm+ snowpack to develop undisturbed.

WEATHERFAIR as clouds move in on Saturday, but expect less overhead towards Thompson Pass and beyond as a low bumps up against the Valdez Chugach and dissipates with light snow showers possible. Temps warm a bit to the 20’s in the Pass.  Winds light from the north in the long-term keeping things dry with a few clouds. Watch for flagging.

Field Report – Moonlight Basin


L-N-R1-D1-S -D/S-4000′ Avalanching as I took the picture.

Why I love backcountry skiing….more from today with JP(Valdez) and !THANKS! to whoever put in the excellent skin track to South Odessey Gulley


Hard work is good!


Clouds hover over pillows of powder.




1-15-16F 1-15-16G