Ski Study Complete – It’s A Big Gamble

The Ski Study for the 3 proposed resorts is available online under the EDC agenda for the City of Valdez. Lots to digest but bottom line is that they are not economically viable. Estimated cost….

East Peak (McCune) – $60 Million
Mineral Creek (Cummings) – $117 Million
Sugarloaf (Shwirk) – $2.7 Million

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No one asked, but if I was King for a day……

Of note was the concerns of global warming on Valdez and skiing.

Also of interest is only 1000 heliskiers per year visit Valdez and those numbers are stagnant. Either way I thought that number would be substantially higher based on industry hype and all the noise they make. With 5 operators that only comes to 200 each over a 2 month season or 3 clients per day. The 1000 clients # was provided by the operators.

I encourage everyone to take the time to review the study and arrive at their own conclusions.