Ski Report – Nov 3, 2014

SKI – VERY GOOD Picked at Schoolbus this morning finding nice, but slightly damp new snow to 8″ over the weathered October layer to mid-mountain.  Didn’t go into upper elevations where winds were moving snow.  Cloudy conditions ruled with road fog and slightly easterly with mild temps.

AVALANCHE  – MODERATE  No recent activity was noted. Stability was typical of new settling snow with minor shooting cracks on kick-turns while skinning up avalanche angles.  Pole probes revealed variability as some terrain features held more or less snow and some breakable crust layer beneath the new snow in isolation.  I expect the new snow to settle even more increasing stability over night.  Steeper entrained snow sluffed very little.  With wind expected to pick up from the north, we can expect some slab development on high south to west aspects.

WEATHER – SUN busts out on Tuesday through Wed afternoon but looks like it will be accompanied by some north winds to 30mph at the Gap. Less elsewhere. By Wed afternoon expect occasional snowshowers, less wind, and mild temps through the work week.

Here’s some pics from today



South aspects still a bit boney.


27-Mile Glacier 11-2-14

Skied this nice trench full of snow in the middle of Schoolbus.