Ski and Avalanche Report – November 13, 2014

Temperatures to 18F through the Pass have made for icy approaches which give way quickly to good skiing with a few inches of aging, textured snow above 3000 feet.  A few poseys out today in Schoolbus and Catchers Mitt with mostly sunny skies and calm winds. At upper elevations in exposed terrain expect to find some ice spots around rocks, ridges and summits from general weathering with best snow located in  protected areas. Watch for rocks as the snowpack is still shallow in places. I didn’t hit any rocks on this run. Weather forecast remains favorable through the weekend

Soloed into North Odessey Gulley




Searching for clues on the way up is a constant pursuit for me and found this pocket about the size of a house at mid-mountain on a concavity. Slab density did not increase with elevation and angle. Stability was good based on ski cuts and pole probes so on I went.

A “telephoto”.