RIP Valdez Ski And Avalanche Report (1997-2016)

Pentagon035 copy

18-Mile East NWS Snotel at its deepest. (2000-2008)

Last season, my number of days skiing per year dropped below the threshhold(80+) that I think is necesssary to produce reliable information for Valdez’s complicated terrain. Today’s social media and crowd sourcing have become the trend of the future. Good luck with that.


Bob Athey at his best. (2007)

Bob Athey(UT) was a mentor for my format. Looking at the snowpack from a “natural” perspective has been a challenge to some, but eventually the visual graphics have taken hold in avalanche forecasts around the US. It was an example of how important it is to seek a different perspective of the snowpack other than what others think is acceptable.

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Mac, Netscape Navigator, dial-up. The Pentagon(1998)) is not going away. I will keep posting essays on a variety of topic related to skiing, Valdez ski news, and my Opeds.  My skins and ski tips will keep on searching for the perfect line. To prevent career burn-out, my goals will depend more on quality than quantity and that’s a good thing!