Proposition 2- Winter Tourism – Bob Marley

Like having reasonable alcohol rules, marijuana will now becomes legal in Alaska 90 days after Tuesday’s elections.  Skiers and yes, summer tourist will find Alaska just as they always have, but without the draconian laws against a natural herb that has little more impact than a 6-pack of beer or two shots of whiskey, no matter how much you use.

Skiers visiting Alaska this winter can enjoy the end of a day of skiing the best mountains in the world with their drug of choice if they choose, and not be paranoid about being arrested or ticketed.  You will be able to carry it in your car to Alyeska Resort or to a Thompson Pass trailhead.   You will not be able to light up publicly or driving, but I doubt a snowy mountain valley will be an issue nor camping in some remote part of Alaska in summer.

The City of Valdez could schedule a municipal vote to keep the community “dry” of weed, but a look at the voting last Tuesday on Prop 2 at Valdez precincts showed a considerable margin of victory.  Let’s hope they don’t waste our time with another vote.  Hopefully a local dispensary will open soon and those who use marijuana for whatever reason can go in and out like those who enjoy the freedom of alcohol use and hopefully some decent prices.

I think Office Jesse Gondek of the Valdez Police Department summed it up best acknowledging the lack of any cases where marijuana was the sole cause of something criminal like DUI violations and domestic violence.  Let us hope the State of Alaska pursues alcohol education at the foremost of preventing violence in Alaska where we lead the country if not the world with some of the tax revenue to be derived from this vote by the people.  Be careful out in the mountains regardless your drug of choice and use with moderation if remotely involved in outdoor sports whether its hunting moose or hunting powder.

Ohh I almost forgot.

Bob Marley went for a ride in the Chugach today. All we need now is Snoop Dog and Charo.