Valdez Backcountry News

Most excellent sunrise ski of Schoolbus yesterday with good powder and good stability. But on to ski local ski news and see Don, Bernie and Hillary give their  opinions on skiing. State of Alaska will hold a hearing this week in Valdez on the Thompson Pass Special Use Area.  As some may know, DNR is supposed to hold an annual […]

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Backcountry News

I will be attending the Northwest Avalanche Center Snow and Avalanche Workshop in Seattle at the University of Washington on November 8th. The speakers list presents an excellent opportunity to hear from experts in the field including Mike Hattrip, Pascal Haegeli and Martin Volken. I’ll file a report when I get back on what I learned from a workshop focused […]

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Winter Strikes

A quick glance at my skinning logs show October 15th as the normal first ski day in Thompson Pass. I used to get first tracks(and last!) all the time, but now it’s rare with so many skiers living in and around Valdez. Sometimes it comes earlier, like a memorable day powder skiing on the Loveland on October 4, 2013. As […]

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