Avalanche Advisory Statement March 16, 2015 – 1800AKT

A CONSIDERABLE avalanche hazards may develop on southerly aspects on Tuesday as clear skies are expected along with above normal temps. Watch for early signs such as rock bands producing rollers and new snow dripping off brush at lower elevations maturing to larger wet slides as the day progresses. As is typical after storms which excite visitors and locals, 24 hours of caution is warranted given snow amounts and attitudes after a period of poor ski conditions.  Test slopes carefully and often regardless. Cornices roofs over southerly slopes should be avoided if things warm up. Have route options if conditions change. Any clouding will temper naturals, so the larger hazard would be a clear day and temps in the 40’s.  Winds are forecast light to calm other than typical gap gust.

Wind slab hazards is somewhat diminished through aging.  Pole probing while touring will be essential to tracking old wind slabs which are now masked visually. Probe on every stride so you don’t miss weak spots as their was much variability before this round of snow.

Wednesday has clouds moving over-head by noon. Enjoy the Tuesday as it should be very good skiing.