Guide Book Update – March 6, 2018

Due to complication and copyrite issues, the only logical way to get the book out is to convert to a digital format for Amazon Books. The issues of just sending the scanned file of each page is not easy due complications transferring the file and receiving payments. I do not want to be hand mailing a thumb drive every day as I did with the hard copy.

If you are enrolled in the AMGA Ski Guide course in Valdez in April, you can contact me when you arrive and I can give you a copy to share with fellow students as a resource for your class.

At this time, I have a human doing the technical conversion and hope to have it available on Amazon soon but it will take a few more weeks. Doing the conversion for Amazon will allow me to replace a few BW photo’s with color and also replace a two route photo’s for a better product. Sorry about the delays.